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Overview | Top 3 Pheromones | Honorable Mentions | Final Thoughts | Free Ugly Man's Guide

Reviews by Matthew Doeing - Co-author of
The Ugly Man's Guide To Getting Laid


Thanks for visiting True Pheromones!  You’ll be happy you’ve stopped by to learn more about the pheromones on the market that will change your life.  Our mission is to help you evaluate the different pheromone products that you can find on the Internet as you’ll learn that they aren’t all created equal.  Some products that market themselves as pheromones actually have very little true pheromones in their formulation.  Let us help you not get suckered into buying a cologne or spray marketed as pheromones that’s not going to help you with the ladies!

True Pheromones, the Right Choice for Turning On the Opposite Sex

Why should you be willing to pay top dollar for products that promise that the panties will start dropping, but doesn’t deliver the results.  That’s even giving them the benefit of the doubt that the product you ordered will be shipped to you.  Making the right choice in your pheromone purchase will make your investment more than worth it when you start seeing the results.  The wrong choice will separate you from your money along with denying you the chance to attract the bevy of beauties that could be gracing your bed.

Bonus eBook for a Limited Time

Woman seduces manFor a limited time, when you make a purchase through to charge up your sexual attraction to the opposite sex, you’ll receive a free copy of The Science of Pheromones.  This free eBook offers you the insights you need to start turning up your wow factor to women through pheromones and get their engines revving for some sweet love.

Pheromones, Real Pheromones, Work Like a Dream

Pheromones do work for attracting the opposite sex and can change your life.  The problem that most people run into is that there’s so many products hyped up on the Internet that shouldn’t be considered real pheromones because they may have the price tag and the label of pheromones, but are imposters.  Trying to pick out the real products from the crap products can be tricky as marketers of the imposters want to trick you out of your dough.

Let Us Take The Guesswork Out of the Equation

I used to be in the same situation as you are in that I wanted to learn all I could about how I could use sex pheromones to work for me!  In researching my book, I learned a lot about what it takes to captivate, beguile, and delight women.  I learned so much about how and why pheromones work along with how much should real pheromone products cost.  I wish when I first started on this journey of learning all I could about these magic sex sprays that there was a website like True Pheromones that would’ve given me all the information that I needed in one place.  It would’ve been nice to save all that time and money wasted on inferior products and had all the answers before starting this journey.

With all this said, here are the 'ugly man's' honest reviews:

Top 3 Pheromone Products

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pherlure cologne


"I was totally fact, I'm still having a hard time believing this stuff works so well. But I haven't seen so many smiles and so much attention in a long time. Something is happening with this product, I can't deny that!"
Andrew, Bakersfield, CA

Pherlure Pheromone Cologne

"i just came back from best buy store and was just looking for a few DVDs and this pretty sales person walked up and asked if i need anything and i said just looking and the next thing i know shes asking me what my phone number was and what i was doing later tonight......... WOW!!!!!!!!!!! this stuff is great."
RJ, Park Ridge, IL

Pherlure Pheromone Cologne

#1 Pick - Pheromone TRUE Instinct

TRUE Instinct for men is attraction bottled. All animals--including humans--have naturally occurring chemical compounds called pheromones that are secreted in sweat and body fluids. Animals send out pheromone signals to other animals, and 90% of human communication is non-verbal. TRUE Instinct pheromone comes in both oil and spray forms, and includes the highest potency of androstenone, the alpha-male pheromone, ever released in a product. TRUE Instinct is extremely potent and extremely effective, and it smells great! The subtle scent can be worn by itself or with your favorite cologne. Use just a splash or two every time you go out and you will experience increased compliments, smiles and flirting from the opposite sex.

Remember--your actions, body language, energy, humor, honesty, openness, and, most importantly, the chemical signals your body sends to other people control the reactions you get in social situations. When it comes to any relationship, whether dating or just building trust with co-workers, your actions (physical and chemical) always speak louder than words. And research demonstrates that using products like TRUE Instinct in a social setting creates specific emotional responses in the people around you. Other men respect you, and women want to be near you.

TRUE Instinct works. The product is the real deal--a real pheromone cologne made in a real US manufacturing plant. This product has been advertised nationally for the last six years. The product wiill arrive at your doorstep in discreet packaging, and will also be billed discretely as well as “eonlineorder”. It’s your secret, and no one but you has to know. And if you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return your item within 30 days for a full refund. So if you’re tired of the ordinary and ready to experience something new, order  today and let TRUE Instinct help you reach that next level of sex appeal!


Pherlure Testimonial

Go to Pherlure's main site >>>

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NeXus Pheromones

"People - I gotta tell you, I have had the dating time of my life with this stuff over the last year. If, and when they start standing close and admiring the scent, you know you have them. Never fails. I'm still getting used to the new found popularity. Thanks for a magic product."
Dennis, Seattle, WA

Nexus Pheromones

"I decided to give it a try and i must say there was an instant reaction. Girls that i've known for years and barely ever spoke to me were coming up to me and touching and smiling at me saying things like, "There's something Different about you, and, you look SO good!!"...I can't explain the results, I'm only saying that I lived them."
Danny, San Diego, CA

Nexus Pheromones

#2 Pick - True Pheromones "True Love" Pheromone

True Pheromones TRUELove helps you to connect with a woman by making it easier to communicate with her, ultimately leading to a deep trust between the two people and a feeling of protection. It’s basically what every woman wants in a relationship. TRUELove is a proven combination of pheromones that are designed to create a lasting first impression.

Give a woman her fairytale ending, using TRUELove will turn you into her knight in shining armor — the man of her dreams. Be the effective, caring and comforting communicator who always seems to know exactly what to say to make her feel better — even if you have never known what to say in the past.

If grabbing her attention and keeping it long term is your end goal, TRUELove pheromones is for you. You will build a connection that will form a lasting relationship that she will be addicted to with the help of this product.

This product is not for one night stands! You will not be able to “pickup” women in social situations, if you are looking for a pheromone that will help you find one night stands consider one of the other True Pheromone products. This pheromone combination is not a something that you will be able to use to pick up women in a social situation. While you might see results, nothing is guaranteed.

By developing this unique combination, True Pheromones has effectively aided in the development of lasting relationships with the women you desire. TRUELove opens women’s eyes to see you as a caring, compassionate man who they desire to be with long term. The type of women who is attracted to this type of pheromone is not looking to get laid by a stranger at the bar, but rather are looking for the man of their dreams — also known as you.

Website:True Pheromones
Price: $52.46
Duration of Effect: 4-6 hours
Anything else: Offered in both scented (AXE Phoenix or AXE Kilo) and unscented
Guarantee: 1 year, No Questions asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Testimonial: Archetypemale: “The first time out I wanted to try TRUELove as a stand alone to test the results. I met one of the New Age Artist females from my church (we are a progressive sort) at the nearby Starbucks. Lots of talk, laughter came easy, and although no sexual tension ever developed she would not let me go. TL is very effective in close one on one encounters. It makes women open up in a very trusting way as along the wear shows just a little interest. It seems to develop its effectiveness over time, not an instant hit, but a powerful one.”

Go to the Nexus Pheromones main site

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Max Attraction Gold Pheromones

"Seen all the hype on this stuff was very skeptical. Tried it one night worked very well almost too well. Gonna get some more before the stuff is outlawed."
Jim, Deerfield, IL

Max Attraction Pheromones for Men

"As a scientist who has spent more than 25 years researching the relationship between the sense of smell and human sexual preferences, I can attest to the high quality of the products offered by LuvEssentials, and most importantly, that pheromone–enhanced fragrance products truly work to attract the opposite sex."
Dr Kohl

Max Attraction Pheromones for Men

"Quite simply this product (Max Attraction) eliminates the competition. I have attended networking events using this product only to find that I am receiving all the attention. It's absolutely amazing. Even standing in line at a grocery store can cause women to engage in conversation and show interest. I have been using it for years and would highly recommend its use to gain an 'unfair advantage'. Thanks Guys!"
Jerry, Swartz Creek, MI

Max Attraction Pheromones for Men

#3 Pick - Max Attraction Pheromones for Men

Max Attraction Pheromones for Men gets a 3rd place ranking because the product arrived on time, the customer service was great, and the product actually contains up to 8 separate optimized pheromones and 13mg's of total pheromone content.

My problem with the Max Attraction products is...they didn't get ME laid!...BUT, oddly, two of my buddies absolutely swear by them! And by the choice women they score with I must admit, it definitely seems to work for them. (Who knows why? Perhaps Max Attraction products gel better with their body chemistry.)

Max Attraction Gold is a spray and has a cool, crisp, fragrance where as Max Attraction Regular is doled out in drops and is labeled as 'unscented'. (Funny thing is, Max Attraction is UNSCENTED but I still got me some compliments from the ladies.)

For me, personally, the Max Attraction Pheromones falls under the "Real Pheromones that kinda work". I did rank it high because of the credible people I know that disagree with me and believe Max Attraction Pheromones for Men should be ranked Number One!

  • Website: Max Attraction Pheromones for Men
  • Price: Max Attraction Gold: $69.95  | Max Attraction Regular: $62.97.
  • Bonuses:
    Max Attraction Gold: Buy 2 bottles get the 2nd for 40% off or go with the Gold Seduction Kit which includes the best-selling 3-DVD set - Simple Seduction Techniques'.

    Max Attraction Regular: Same deal - Buy 2 bottles get the 2nd for 40% off or go with the Ultimate Seduction Kit which includes the best-selling 3-DVD set - Simple Seduction Techniques'.

  • Scientific Proof: As seen on WebMD Got Pheromones? Get Affection
  • Guarantee: 60 Day, No Questions asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Anything else: At the Max Attraction website you can get a great FREE report titled - How To Increase Sexual Desire Naturally by Pressing A Reflex Point On Her Outer Ear.

    Note: They don't make it easy to get this report. Follow these instructions:

    1. Go to Max Attraction website
    2. Click 'In the News' tab.
    3. Click 'Free Report' box on right hand side.

Learn more about Max Attraction Pheromones for Men

Go to the Max Attraction Pheromones for Men site

Pheromone Products - Honorable Mention

The products below were NOT reviewed by me but came highly recommended by those who purchased The Ugly Man's Guide. Once I review the products I'll 'officially' include them on this page but until then you'll need to trust the testimonials of my friends.

Nude Alpha Pheromones #1 Nude Alpha from Liquid Alchemy - is an unscented alcohol-free multi-pheromone product with high levels of androstenone designed to be used with any cologne or perfume of your choosing. It's sole purpose is to attract women, and raise the social status of the wearer. Read more...


"Man, I don't know if it's just in my head or your product really works, but either way I don't care! My buddies don't know what the heck happened to me. Hey, I'm the pheromone kid now. Thanks guys I'm having more luck with the chicks than I ever have in my life." - Franklin, Reno, NV

"Matt, why didn't you include Nude Alpha in your reviews? This sh** is killer! This is the first pheromone product I ever tried and probably the last because I don't need anything else! I love it." - Stan Y - Portland, OR

Read more on Nude Alpha from Liquid Alchemy

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Alpha Dream Pheromones #2 Alpha Maschio from Paradox Delta - is a human pheromone formula containing a specific pheromone profile that gives off a chemical message to women that you are sexually superior. This formula is all about impulsive sensuality, and primal physical love. Read more...


"I got the unscented A-M, and tried it under a couple of less then ideal conditions. Here's what I found out; First, It should not be worn around a Wife or Long Term Relationship unless you are going out clubbing together. They are likely to get irritated for no reason. Second, not a good mix for work, unless you work in a strip joint or bar. Could cause a sex harassment complaint. But, if however, you are going out looking for some action and can bring the attitude, be ready to remove your pants." - O. Dilly - Lake City, MI

I just wanted to tell you that I'm really happy with your product. I had no idea what pheromones did before getting your product and wasn't sure that they would work. At first I thought it was in my head but I have had way to many flirts for this to be just me. Thank you, I'm really enjoying the experiment! - Simpson L - Dover, DE

Read more on Alpha Maschio from Paradox Delta

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My final thoughts on Pheromones...

I have to admit, before I began research for my book -
The Ugly Man's Guide To Getting Laid, it seemed ridiculous that "human sex pheromones" could be a vital key to easily attracting women. After all, since the dawn of man, it has been a mystery why hot women were so often attracted to doofy, unattractive, often abusive, 'average Joe's'?

The good news for YOU is... this mystery has been solved! As you will discover...

"With Pheromones, You Now Have The Chance To Score With Every Woman You Meet!"

It's unfair but facts are facts - hot, average, and ugly girls alike are driven to men with higher pheromone levels! And until recently, you were screwed if you weren't blessed at birth with high girl-getting pheromone levels.

No doubt, good looks, confidence, personality, and a wad of cash will help your score ratio but women will subconsciously gravitate toward the man whom she is most attracted to. The above products I have reviewed for you will level the sexual playing field for you!

Now it's time act!

Look, I tried almost every pheromone product on the market and the three mentioned on this page are the ONLY ones I stand behind 100%! Learn from my experience and save some cash and get laid that much quicker!

In summary, I can only completely recommend the following 3 pheromone products:

  1. PherLure Pheromone Cologne >>>
  2. NeXus Pheromones >>>
  3. Max Attraction Pheromones >>>
IMPORTANT: Upon purchase of a pheromone product follow the simple instructions below so that we may send you access to the complete Ugly Man's Guide package.

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  3. Click the confirmation link in the email you receive.

  4. Once information is received we will forward you access details for The Ugly Man's Guide To Getting Laid.

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